Architectural consultant

VildArk strengthens your project group when resources are needed. We help architectural offices, clients and contractors and perform BIM design at all stages of the projects. Has extensive experience in both Archicad, Revit and Autocad. Building Permits, System Documents or Construction Documents From details to floor plans, facades, constructionlists, descriptions and much more.

Contact me if you need resources.

BIM control / Coordination

VildArk performs BIM control and coordination within your project. We use Solibri where we also produce protocols and control and coordinate via digital media.


VildArk performs architectural services for the private and public sectors.

With a wide network of consultants, we can create working groups that fit your project in size.

We help you through the whole process. Early sketches, Design, Building permit, Inquiry documentation, System document and Construction document.

 - Apartment buildings

 - Office buildings

 - Tenant adaptations

 - Hotel Industry

 - Private and Holiday Homes

 - Wilderness-oriented construction

    - Wind protection

    - Bird tower

    - Adapted nature trails

Contact me for an unconditional call. This is how I help you towards your architectural dreams / visions.

International Partnership

If you are in need of a architectfirm in sweden to adapt your drawings to swedish standards and building regulations, me and my team can help you out.